Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 8

Year 11 is, undoubtedly, themost important yearof a
child’s school life. AtGreat TorringtonSchool, our support
programme is throughour3Rs, subject revision sessions,
intervention schemeand individual support frommentors.
These support structures enablepupils tomake
aspirational choices for the futureandequip themwith
someof the lifelong skills theyneed to stayaheadof the
UniversityandFurther Educationvisits
This academicyearweprovideda trip for asmanypupils as
possiblewith theopportunity toattend further andhigher
educationvisits. These trips tookus toPetrocand
Exeter College,Duchy&BictonCollege to theUniversity fair
at theBrendsHotel and local trips to visit Exeter, Plymouth
andBristol University toexperienceuniversity life. These
trips are important to thepupils as it gives thema clearer
understandingofwhat life is likeat universityandaims to
highlight theworkandeffort that isneeded inorder to
attend theseestablishments.
GTS tookpart in the runup toApprenticeshipWeekwith
visitors givinga special assembly topupils to raise
awareness andunderstandingof apprenticeships and the
benefitsof taking this route. Theyalsodiscussed the
progression routes that canbe taken for peopleandhow
they candevelop their careers andeducationwhilst
working. Thiswas followedby theNorthDevon
Apprenticeship showcaseevent.
Post 16Evening
GTSheld its annual Post 16evening in theSportsHall in
January. A veryhighattendanceof parentsandpupils
supported theevent tomeetwithPost 16 further
educationproviders andorganisations that represented
different careersand industries. Allwere therewithone
aim; togiveour pupils thenecessary knowledge tohelp
themmakedecisions about their futureand increase their
RevisionandExamsSkillsBooster Sessions
If pupils are toachieve their full potential, it’s vital that they
attend revision sessionsafter school. Thesewill be centred
onprovidingpupilswith the sessions required todevelop
them for their exams. Pleaseencourageyour child to take
everyopportunity that is given to them.
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