Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 7

The introductionof the cashless catering systemusingbiometric
technologyhas reduced theneed for pupils to carry cashduring the
school day. The cashless systemallows parents toputmoney into their
child’s cashlessaccount viaParentmail. Alternatively, pupils can load
their accountswith cash, viaaCash Loaderwhich is situated in school.
Thosepupils,whoareentitled to free schoolmeals, haveanallowance
of £2.20perdayadded to their account by the school for their useat
either breakor lunch time.
School BusinessManager, ChrisWard said: “The cashless systemhas
beenagreat success so far. At first therewerea few teethingproblems
but theywere soon ironedout. Everypupil that I have spoken to likes
thenew system. It is alsogreat as it reduces issues around childrenwho
may feel discriminatedagainst because theyhave free schoolmeals…..I
hope itwill alsoencouragemorepupilswhoareentitled to free school
meals to take themup.”
The system is setwithamaximumdaily spendallowanceof
£4.50. However, shouldparentsnotwish for their child tohave this
limit it ispossible for us to reduceor increase the limit onan individual
basis. Please contact theFinanceOffice if youwould like toamendyour
If for any reasona child’s account hasnot been toppedup, the school
areable toallowanovernight overdraft, this is then repaidonce the
account is credited. Thiswayno child shouldgohungry. In this situation
it isnecessary for thepupil toadvise theFinanceOfficebefore theygo
to thedininghall.
Cashless cateringhas alsoallowedus tomonitor exactlywhat isbeing
eatenby thepupilsor toaward “healthyeating”points to them.Weare
always looking to improve the schoolmealsweofferandwelcomeyour
feedbackand suggestions – youand/or your child can fill ina
questionnaireabout schoolmealsonour dedicatedwebsite.
2Year 6Transitionweek informationevening
3CanteenEasterMeal Deal
3Fashion Show inaidof RedCross& SwazilandTrip
7–21EasterHoliday Inclusive
22WorkExperience2 -Return toSchool
26&27Ten TorsMockExpedition
1May FairDayOccasional DayNoSchool
2NonPupil Day
6Return to school. Torrington’sGot Talent
Auditions Lunchtimeallweek –Drama studio
8First examday –English iGCSEPaper 1
15Year 8Trip (30) toDevonCounty Show&
Non School UniformDay
16Torrington’sGot Talent Final Drama Studio
18-23 FrenchExchangeTrip, St Pol France
22EuropeanElections –Drama Studio
23Year 8GirlsHPV Immunisations9.30am
26-30MayHalf Term (Inclusive)
19GTSSummer Concert 7.00pm
KS3&4CarnegieEvent@West Buckland
20 Leavers’ Assembly for Year 11
23/24 LondonTheatreTripYrs. 8, 9, 10&11
23 Last ExamDay –StatisticsUnit 1
25Year 10PetrocCollegeTasterDay
25Year 5TasterDay
26Year 8GirlsHPV Immunisationsmopup session
30Year 6TransitionWeekandUniform sale
4CanteenMeal Deal Day
4Year 11PromBarnstapleHotel, 7pmarrival –
9Year 6NewEntrants Evening, SportsHall 6-8pm
12-26 SwazilandWorldChallengeTrip
15-17 SchoolMusical BugsyMalone, 7pm-9pm
Drama Studio
18SportsAwards Evening2014, 7pm Langtree
21-25Paris TripMJA
21-25Eventsweek, to includeSportsDay
25Farewell – Last dayof term
Staff ContinuedProfessional Development
Great Torrington staff havebeenextremelybusy sinceSeptember.We
havehadall sortsof training. Everyhalf-term staffmeet inTeachingand
Learninggroups todevelop their useofAssessment for Learning.On
Thursdayafternoons, staff havebeenexploringnew teaching ideas to
develop independent learningand improve literacy. Wehavehosted
our first TeachMeet,with teachers (fromacrossDevon) both from state
and independent schools coming together tonetworkand share
outstanding teachingpractices. TheCPDprogramwill bedevelopednext
year tohelpusonour journey tooutstanding.
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