Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 5

Au revoir
A fond farewell toall of youat
GTS. After 7yearsof beingHead
of Food I havedecided to takea
break from theprofession to
becomea full timemummy tomy
I haveenjoyed the time spent here
workingalongside somany
fantastic colleaguesandpupils. I
will always treasurebeingpart of
manypupils’ life journeysand Iwill
never forget the rewarding times.
Iwishall of youhappinessand
bestwishes for the futureand
thankyou for allowingme tobe
part of somanypupils’ education
Mrs SarahCasavieille-Lacaze
It’s a sell-out for our younggardeners at the
The futureof horticultureandmarket trading is in safehands if
the skillsofGreat Torrington schoolchildren,who ran their own
gardening saleoutside the staff room lastweek, areanything to
goby. The stallwas ladenwith Spring flowers,which thepupils
hadplantedandnurturedover thewinter termaspart of a
project organised in theirwork skillsgroup. Thepupils’ delight
andpride in their achievementswas clear, as they shared their
displayswithpassersby. Purchasesweremadebya secret
biddingprocess,where staff put abid inat thebeginningof the
dayanddidn’t hearuntil theendof theday if theyhavebeen
successful. I thinkyouwill agree that theirdisplays look
beautiful andwenow look forward to their next sale.
At theendof January, theGreat TorringtonCarnivalQueenandher
attendants for this year’s event inMaywere revealed. EvaChokarian is tobe
crownedQueenand is accompaniedbyher twoattendants, SophieHill and
MissAmos said, “TheMayfair and carnival continues tobea long tradition in
theareaand it ismarvellous to seeourpupilswanting tokeepup the custom
of representing the school and local community.”
This year for the first time,GTSwill beenteringa float.MsAnnieSparrow
andher EnrichmentGrouparebusyplanning, buildingand choreographing
their float. Theyareall quiteexcited.
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