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YoungPeopleatGTS cannowwork towards theirBronzeandSilverArtsAward
Mr Pluckrose cannowput pupils through theBronzeand SilverArtsAwards Schemeofwork,wherepupils are takingpart inmany
of thevariedenrichment activities across school.Mr Pluckroseworkswithpupils as amentor and facilitator inhis roleasArtsAward
GTSparticipatedwithother local secondary schools in two languagedaysheldat thePlough
ArtsCentre, Torrington. The first day, sixteenpupilsopted for theFrenchDay towatch,
“Micmacs”, andon the secondday, forty-onepupilsopted towatch theSpanishmovie,
“Innocent Voices.”
Studentswatched the films and thenparticipated inadiscussion inmixed groups fromother
schools. The speakingactivitiesweredesigned toencouragegiving their opinions and
practicing their conversation skills in their chosen foreign language.
GCSEMusic Students
studentsperformed theirGCSEMusic
performances in front of their family
and friends. Theywere superb, said
MissChambers. “It is evident that
throughmusic theyhavedeveloped
their self-confidence, creativity, and in
their timeatGTS theyput on some
marvellousperformances, not just for
their exams. I am soproudof them
Pupils star onTheNorthDevonTheatre stage
Threepupilswho are in their last year of studyatGTS,made their
début performancewith theBarnstapleAmateurOperatic Society
lastweekat theQueens Theatre, in their latest productionof
SweeneyTodd, theDemonBarber of Fleet Street. EvaChokarian
superblyplayed Johanna, SweeneyTodd'sdaughter,whilst Edward
Gist playedAntony,whobecomes infatuatedwith Johannaand
MatthewCowanplayedTobias, anorphanwho is taken inand
made the servant of Sweeney Todd's rival, AdolfoPirelli, though
later starts tohelpMrs. Lovettmakepies!All of them showed great
professionalismandhelped toput onanexceptional production
The theatrewas full and theaudiencewas completely captivated
by the chillingaccount of thedemonbarber of Fleet Street. Itwas
marvellous tohear a splendid rousing cheer for the threeyoung
performers as they stepped forward to take their bow.Wewere
immenselyproud to see themperformandplaya significant role in
the impressivedeliveryof thismusical thriller.
StreetzDanceCrewsdo it
Streetzdance crewsperformedat the
British StreetDanceChampionships at
Brean Sandsearlier thismonth. More
than30pupils tookpart. Crews, StreetZ
DCand Lil’SaintZ competedandhave
qualified togo to theUnitedDance
Championships inGlasgow. Kryptic and
Lil StreetZareoff to theSouthWest
Championships inExeter at another
qualifier.Weknow that youareall very
excitedandweare supportingyouall
theway there.Well done to youall!We
areveryproudof you.
Music festival success
Torringtonpupils impressed judgeswith their
musical talents at theNorthDevonPerforming
Arts Festival. The33
year of theNorth
DevonArts Festivalwas hostedby Shebbear
College lastmonth.
Picturedaboveare: Front: (left to right) Beth
Josey, KimCrocker, AmberDefries, Sian
Kinkaid, FergusHigley, Bradley Smith, Connor
Easterbrook. Back row: ConnorGould.
(Abigail Talbot andEdGist not pictured.)
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