Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 3

Anumber of charityevents across the school have run this
Spring term.Whilst this articlegoes topress, theEndeavour
Housewill beholding their Charityevent for theNorthDevon
Hospicebywayof a continental breakfast andamusic
EnduranceHouseheld their non-school uniformdayandbake
sale in February for ThePloughArtsCentre; this is a
wonderful resource thatwebenefit from throughout the
year. Recentlyour Languages teamheld two interactivedays
(seemoreabout that in the languages article). Endurance
House raised£744.10 for theArtsCentre.Mr Richard
Wolfenden-Brown said, "I heard
yesterday that youhavekindly raised
£740 towardsour fundraising.Weare
astonishedand verygrateful. Please
passonour thanks toallwhodonated
andhelped inanyway. Your efforts are
In their 3Rs lessons, year 8havebeen supportingEdukidwith
MrsAnitaHardy,who recently retired fromGTSand tookup
theAmbassador rolewith this charity. Anitahasbeen into
assemblyand spoke tous about her visit toGulu inNorthern
Uganda,whereEdukid supports theeducationof children in a
country recovering from civil war and strugglingwithAIDS.
Year 7 thenhad towork ingroups and comeupwithan
advertising campaignandplan their fundraisingactivity. The
purposeof theyear groupwas collectively to raiseenough
money topurchasea cow for onehousehold. Theyenjoyed
theopportunities todevelop funactivities, suchas car
washes, competitions, bake sales, selling snacks anddrinks at
break timeandevena fewwhoparticipated in sponsored
silences.Well doneYear 8, youmadeagreat start and
managed to raisea total of £1160.63 for Edukidwhich is
more thanenough for a cow!
School Business
Manager cycles
for pennies and
pounds inaidof
School BusinessManager,
ChrisWard, is in training
to takepart in the
sponsored ride, from
Oxford toHomePark in
April. ThePilgrims
on Saturday, April 122014and
cyclists are taking to the
saddle to cover the220mile
trip toHomePark in the three
to four days leadingup to the
matchand raise funds for the
ProstateCancerUK. If you
would like to sponsor Chris,
pleasego tohis ‘just giving’
Every first Fridayof themonth, Endurance tutor group
(EgASP) is comfortablygrounded in their routineof gathering
fooddonations from tutor groups and staff across the school.
Ms Sparrow says, “Thank you toall thevery kindpeoplewho
aredonating tins anddried foods togive to theTorrington
FoodBank. Pleasekeep it up.” TheTorrington FoodBank
operateson Saturdays10-12noon fromCastleHill, based in
SydneyHouseCar Park.
Year 9’s aimwas to raisemoney for Shelter Box, after a visit
bymembersof theRotaryClubwho talkedabout theappeal
and set upa tentwith theequipment that showed justwhat
theywouldbe fundraising for. An inter-year challengewas
put down; for thegroup that raised themostmoney they
wouldwina visit to seea Shelter Box centre inaction.
Collectively theYear groupwouldaim to raiseenoughmoney
to sponsor onebox and track its journey. Weareproud to
announce that they reached their challengeand raisedan
amazing£899.42. TutorGroup competitionwinnerswill be
announcedat the chequepresentationnext term.
Year7 in their
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