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Awordwith the
Dear Parents / Carers andpupils, current and future.
I amwriting thishaving just doneanassemblywith year 7
and last year's Transition Leaders in year 8. Itwas thepoint
of the yearwhena year 8 student hands over their 'title' as
Transition Leader toa year 7 student. Whatwas so
impressivewas thegenuinewarmthand support theseyoung
people showed for eachother, celebratingeachother's
Imust confess thatmypride in theseyoungpeoplegoes
further than that assembly. This year over half of year 7put
themselves forward tobecomeaTransition Leader. Indoing
so theyhad towriteabout themselves and secure referees
frommembersof staff in thehope that theyhaddone
enough to securean interview. If they got an interview, it
waswithamember of theSenior LeadershipTeam. Now I
knowwhat a lovelybunchof peopleweare, but.....there is no
mistakingwhat it takes for an11 year old towalk intoan
officealone, shake someoneby thehandand thenhavean
interviewwith them.
Everyoneof them shouldbeveryproudof themselves,
whether theywere successful or not in their application. As I
said to them in theassembly, it is a verybrave step toput
yourself forward for aprocesswhereyoumaynot be
selected. Many adultsdon't! Parents andCarers, feel very
proudof them.We certainlydo.
As theexam season rushes towardsus again, thehigh levels
ofwork and concentrationare visibleonadailybasis. There
arenumerous revision classes that areavailable for both year
10and11 togo to, to support them inpreparation for these
exams. I have littledoubt that youare feeling someof the
pressureat home too. Whilst it is important that there is a
clear revisionplan leadingup toandduring theexams that
will requireencouragement from you, asparents and carers,
it is as important during thisbusy time that our youngpeople
eat and sleepwell. So, in case you find yourself inabattle to
get them toeat breakfast or go tobed.... and sleep, know
thatwewill be saying the same things to them, toback you
As ever,wehavea few staff leavingandothers joining this
Mrs Frickletonhas goneonmaternity leaveandwewishher
all the verybest for theupcomingbirthof her second child.
Mrs SarahCasavieille-Lacaze, following thebirthof her
seconddaughter, hasdecided to spend some timeenjoying
beingamum. I am sure, likeus, thatmanyof youwhohave
been taught byMrsCasavieille-Lacazewill bedelighted for
her.Mr Lucaswill be leavingafter fiveyears. He joinedGTS
as Team Leader for Scienceandhasoverseen some fantastic
results. Wewishhimwell inhisnewpost at Chulmleigh. We
look forward towelcomingMrsRachel Higgs,who is currently
Headof Scienceat Bishop Fox in Somerset,whowill be
joiningGTS in Juneas thenewTeam Leader of Science.
As youmayhave seen in the local papers, GTSwas indemand
at theBETT conference that tookplace in Londonearlier in
theyear. Wewereaskedby theSSAT (Secondary Schools and
Academies Trust) topresent the changes toour year 7
curriculum toan international audience. Wewerealsoused
as a case studyby 'itslearning', an international companywho
havebeenworkingwithusondevelopingaVirtual Learning
Environment. Alastair Cameron,whoworkswith the
company, described thedayhe spentwithour staff and year
7atGTSas thebest dayof hisworking career. Highpraise
indeed from someonewhoworks in schools all over this
country and inanumber of others!
Something for us all tobeveryproudof.
Iwish youall awonderful Easter.
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