Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 12

Preparationshave started for thevisit toSwaziland
Excitement isbuilding, as is the realisation, for 14adventurouspupils that
in July2014 theywill be steppingontoAfrican soil tobegin theirWorld
Challenge; the tripof a lifetimeandmost probablya life-changing
experience for them. This term theyhave received their itinerary regarding
their trip to SwazilandandSouthAfricaandhadoneof their preparation
and training sessions,withanotheroneplanned in thenear future. If you
hear of anyof pupilsputtingona fundraisingevent thatwill go towards
this trip, please support them. This tripmakes amassive impact on their lives.
Dukeof Edinburgh candidates at bothSilver andBronze level are
makingexcellent progresswith their awards. Manyof themare
nearing completionof their volunteering, physical and skills sections.
If your child isparticipating in theaward, pleaseencourage them to
keepon topof evidencingandmaintaining their recordsonline.
Pupils areparticipating in theNational Navigationawardandare
starting toput their skills intopractice. Themainemphasis is very
muchonorientating themapand relating themap to theground
andviceversa. This is all goodpractice to start developing the skills
of approximatingdistance, both from themapand the realworld, by
pacingand timing.
BothSilver andBronze candidates arenow looking forward towards
their expedition. TheSilver groupareheadingoff to theBrecon
Beacons and theBronzegroupexpeditionwill bebased inDevonand
include someof our beautiful, but challenging, Devonhills.
pitchingupand taking
down tents.
Training is well underway for this year’s Ten Tors Challenge. Months of preparation go into the event, with school staff
ensuring that the teams have the necessary skills to navigate the route and build up the stamina to complete the gruelling
challenge. Training is undertaken in some toughweather conditions and some on glorious days, as pictured above. Pupils
havebeen takingpart innavigationand routeplanning skills and comingup soonwill be their camp skills training.
This prestigious Ten Tors challenge event attracts a very large group of pupils every year and the training is open to all
walkers, thoughunfortunatelywe canonly fieldone35mile team this year, so the competition for aplaceon the teamwill
be fierce. All pupils, through the delivery of theGTS Ten Tors training programme, will have gained life skills that will help
them for their futures, whether it is learning towork together and developing leadership skills and initiative or improving
their navigational skills.
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