Spring Newsletter 2014 - page 11

GTS celebratedWorldBookDay, a celebrationof authors and illustrators. Itwas fun to
seewhohad turnedupaswhom. Lotsof conversations tookplaceaboutwhich
character theywereandwhichbook theywere featured in. In themorning, pupils took
part inabookquizwithadifference. Theyhad to try toguess fromphotographswhich
teacherownedwhichbookshelf ‘shelfie’. At 1pm, everyone tookpart inabig read.
Youngsters atGTSalso receivedbook tokens from the library. Mrs Furness, GTS Literacy
leader said, “What awacky,wonderful day! Lovely to see somanypeopledressedup
andgetting into the spirit of things. Thanks toeveryonewhomade suchaneffort!”A
selectionof photos is availableonlineviaour gallery
Weare collecting
Activevouchers in
order tobuya
equipment for the
school. Pleasehand
them into reception
Thank you
MrsAyton, asHungerGames’
character EffieTrinket, forWorld
BookDay. Shewas sodisappointed
not tobe in the Journal – sohere
Ski Trip2014
Twenty five intrepidpupils and four excitedmembersof
staff set off for thebeautiful, picturesqueAostavalley for
theGreat TorringtonSchool annual ski trip. All pupils and
staff returnedexhaustedbutwith smileson their faces and
not a scratch in sight. Great TorringtonSchool pupilswere
joinedbypupils fromother schools in their lessonsand they
made friends instantlyandgot on superblyallweek.Our
pupils earned special praiseand recognition for their
exemplarybehaviour andattitude.Our ski representatives
from Interski, skiing instructors, coachdrivers andhotel staff
were full of complimentsasour pupilsonceagainproved to
bea credit to themselves and the school.Our ski repMr
Gaunt from Interski,wrote to theHeadteacher saying that
he forgot that hewasactuallyworkingbecausehehad so
muchenjoyment frombeingwithGreat TorringtonSchool
pupils and their teachers,who seem towork seamlessly
NorthDevon’s first ever TeachMeet
March, Great TorringtonSchool hosteda
TeachMeet. Seventy teachers fromacross the county, fromas far
as Exeter andTaunton,met tonetworkand share ideas. Twenty
teacherswerebraveenough togivepresentations for either two
minutesor sixminutes. Topics ranged from folkmusic in the
classroom togettingyour iPhone tomarkpupilswork. The
teachersenjoyedmocktails, nibbles, cakeand chilli chocolate, all
providedby theevent sponsors, itslearningand IRIS. Event
organiser, JohnStanier, said, “Themore teachers can share ideas,
thebetter teachers theybecomeand the childrenofNorthDevon
get abetter education.” LauraFarmer, a teacher at King’s School,
Taunton said, “What agreat night, I havegot somany ideas touse
withmypupils after Easter.”RichardUffendell, aPE teacher from
SouthMolton said, “Itwasagreat success.”Thiswas the first
event of its kind inNorthDevonand it ishoped that aNorth
DevonTeachMeetwill becomea regular event.
Mr John Stanier, Assistant
Head teacherwithKat
Thorne, representing
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