Carol Morey began working as a catering assistant in the school kitchens when her eldest son started at GTS in 1987.
Shortly afterwards she was taken on as a permanent member of staff and has stayed ever since.
Head teacher, Tracey Amos, staff and pupils gathered in the school dining hall for a surprise presentation to celebrate
Carol‘s special anniversary. The Head thanked Carol for her loyal service to the school and presented her with a bouquet
of flowers to mark the occasion. Thank you Carol.
Reading Club open to all ages and
am—9.10 am
Dinner Lady’s Silver Service
If you would like to enter please see Mrs Leonard or go to the
newsfeed section of our website. Deadline for entries 4th March
Resolution House recently hosted the Christmas non
school uniform day. Theme for the day was ―Christmas
Cheer‖ as demonstrated by Mrs Mitchell and Mrs
Nancekivell. Resolution raised £656.05 for Edukid.
The canteen also provided a fabulous Christmas meal
with the staff serving the dinner. Thank you to all our
dinner ladies for a fantastic meal. Every tutor group
was asked to participate in a festive cheer competition
for the ―Most festive Tutor Group in each house‖ The
winning house in each House received a tin of sweets.
Louise Leonard