Children In Need Day.
Magnus with his slaves for
the day. Endeavour house
raised £1,491.16. Fantastic!
What a busy term this has been! The school has been a hive of
activity these past few weeks with concerts, staff band
performances, revision sessions, an overseas trip to France, sporting
successes, mock exams and hard work—it surely is a time where one
and all deserve a break.
We also had a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Concert
at St Michael and All Angels Church last Friday evening. The
standard of the vocals and the determination of all of the
performances was truly outstanding. We look forward to seeing more
performances of the staff band that played for the very first time at
the concert. Well done to all those students and staff that
participated and a big thank you to St Michael and All Angels Church
for allowing us the opportunity to use the church.
This term we have had a few staffing changes Miss Roseanna Ball
music teacher) joined us to replace Miss Abi Butterworth whilst she
is on maternity leave. We welcome two new members to the Mathematics team, Mr Jonathan Hamlen as Maths Teacher and Miss Lena
Marvao a specialist TA for the subject. Sadly, we are saying goodbye to Mrs Tammy Snowsill the School Games Co-ordinator and we
wish her the very best in her future endeavours. In January we welcome Ms Niki Miller-Marshall as Sports Development and Intervention
Support Co-ordinator.
After Christmas all pupils will be working hard and focusing on their targets for progress and improvement. Year 11 will be starting their
exams shortly and every pupil in Year 11 has a letter inviting parents, carers and pupils to a subject consultation evening on 23
January 2013 for you to discuss your child‘s progress with subject staff and to discuss their targets and areas for improvements so that
they can achieve to the best of their ability.
Cross Country Team at Kingsley School. Sporting their new
Athletics vests that were kindly sponsored by Torrington Ladies
Darts League.
Tracey Amos