Official PJ Day raises money for
Childrens Hospice SW
Endurance House held an official Pyjama Day whilst supporting local charity, Childrens Hospice South
West. Endurance House held „lunch overs‟ in different classrooms instead of sleepovers. There were
movies, games and delightful food tasting in classrooms across the school at lunchtime. Endurance
House raised £790.17 which Katie Brooks and Mrs Kevern presented to Emma Perry from Little Bridge
House, Fremington.
GTS Pupils visited the University Fair
Super eruptions from massive volcanoes‟ was part of the Year 9 project work this term. The group were
asked to make exploding volcanoes in small groups as part of this term‟s Natural Hazards project. Pupils
created fantastic models, some with hidden glitter, to create a very colourful explosion. Pupils mixed
bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and the final ingredient; vinegar. Other students erupted a fizzy
drink with sweets to create spectacular eruptions. Mrs Moores said, “Fantastic arrays of volcanoes were
made and there was much anticipation to see whose would be the best explosion. Well done class!”
Young Geographers have exploding times
GTS pupils took up the opportunity to take part in the North Devon Partnership of schools and
colleges University Fair, held on the 26
March at the Barnstaple Hotel, in an effort to promote the
+ education options open to our children. Students were given an insight into life at the country‟s
leading universities and attended talks by speakers. Staff and former students also spent time
answering questions and talking about what additional things you should be doing now to add to your
university application. A very informative time was had by all and the bus going home was buzzing with
much talk about what they had learned from the event.