GTS was recently given the chance for about 30 students to become peer assist mentors where they
would widen their knowledge and inform other pupils about smoking. These pupils were picked by the
whole of year 9 voting anonymously for peers they looked up to, respected and who were trustworthy.
These pupils then got the opportunity to become a peer assist mentor, which most of them took.
Students went to Great Torrington Rugby Club for a couple of days training. Here the group learnt to
communicate, approach and listen to peers, why people smoke, what goes into a cigarette and lots of
other facts about smoking using a variety of ways. These included games, teamwork, puzzles, role play
and even a cooking session!
The peer assist mentors then went back to school and chatted to other pupils and presented an
assembly on the effects of smoking. Afterwards, every couple of months the peer assist mentors
attended follow up sessions to share how the discussions went. Overall I think the year 8 students
thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Also a big thank you to Mrs Whiterod for running this and the
NHS and their staff for giving us the opportunity.
By Amy Cornish
Mrs Ward - Librarian
I am reading War
Horse because I want
to see what all the fuss
is about! Michael
Morpurgo is a fantastic
writer and he is
probably the most
borrowed author in
this library - by both
boys and girls."
Mrs Nicolson “I am
reading The No.1
Ladies’ Detective
Agency. I have listened
to them on audio tape
and seen the series on
TV but I thought I
would like to read the
novels too.” Listening
to audiobooks is a
brilliant idea and you
can borrow them from
all libraries.
Mr Ward “I am reading
a book about London
and the people who
live there. These
people are from all
walks of life and as the
blurb says the book is ‘a
chorus of a working
city’”. What a great
idea to read about
other places.