Our plans for moving from the year system to Vertical Tutoring are progressing well, with the change
planned for June 11
which is the Monday after the summer half term break. There will be four houses
each with eight tutor groups.
We appreciated your feedback with regard to the names of houses and after considerable discussions and
a range of suggestions we thought long term that ‘Slytherin’’ was not really suitable!! We have decided
on four historical ships that support our ethos of Dream, Believe and Achieve. They are
Discovery, Endurance
These were all Captain Cook’s ships that went to survey the
southern hemisphere.
All school staff will belong to a house. They will also be assigned to a tutor group, who they will support at
different times throughout the year
Head of Learning, Miss McCarthy
Pupil coach, Ms Taylor
House colour for Endeavour is blue
Head of Learning, Miss Galan Davies
Pupil coach, role will be shared by
Mrs Brocklebank and Mrs Evely
House colour for Discovery is red
Head of Learning, Mr Daly
Pupil coach, Ms Phipps
House colour for Resolution is purple
Head of Learning, Mrs Kevern
Pupil coach, Mr Freeman
House colour for Endurance is gold
THE SHADOWS DVD film, produced at GTS by
pupils and staff, is now available on DVD.
For those that have pre ordered their copy it is
available for collection from the finance office.
The cast and production crew are now busy
filming the sequel, The Box.