Thank you to everyone who attended our GTS Progress Day and took
the time to fill out our questionnaires. It was marvellous to see so many
of you visiting the School Hall to view our exhibition stands about
Parentmail, Vertical Tutoring, E Safety and the new proposed Uniform.
All of your comments were read and certainly helped us in some of the
final decisions, it is never without an element of “risk” allowing
everyone to have a say about major changes to a school. Indeed many
schools remove that “risk” by not consulting over such changes, we
believe it is really important that the pupils’ parents and carers of GTS
get an opportunity to offer their views so that everyone feels part of the
changes and hopefully enable us to make better decisions. We do
appreciate that sometimes that will result in some people being
Many of you mentioned green as a House Colour. As the GTS colour is
green and it already appears frequently it was decided it could not be a
House Colour as well, but will feature in the jumpers and ties. It has
therefore been agreed that the House Colours will be Blue, Red, Purple
and Yellow (Gold).
Many of you commented on how smart the jumpers looked. There
was some concern from a few parents about cost, especially if the
colours changed between the years. This was countered by the fact
that many parents/carers stated they currently bought several
sweatshirts a year. It has therefore been agreed that all pupils,
whatever the year group, will wear black V-Necked jumpers with ties.
Again many of you commented on how smart the jackets
looked. Some people raised the concern of price and this
has been taken into consideration. When I spoke with
Price Buckland they advised me that the jackets generally
had two years “growth” in them. It has therefore been
agreed that only our senior pupils in Years 10 and 11 will
wear the tailored jackets.
Many of you have also asked when the new uniform will
come in and whether it will be phased. Again, with costs in mind the following has been agreed from
September 2012.
Incoming Year 7
Sept 2012)
All incoming year 7 pupils starting September 2012 will have the new uniform
and new PE Kit.
Year 7 & 8
All current Year 7 & 8 pupils will require: a new black V neck jumper and
house tie for September 2012. They will not be required to change to the
new PE Kit until they have grown out of the present kit.
Year 9
The current year 9 pupils will require; a new house tie and tailored jacket for
September 2012. The black V neck jumper is optional. They will not be
required to change to the new PE kit until they grown out of the present kit.
Year 10
The Current Year 10 may have a choice of their current uniform or as above
for Year 9. They will not be required to change to then new PE Kit unless
they have grown out of their present kit.
Further details will be issued in due, course including how to obtain the uniform and
also the measuring service provided by Price Buckland for the fitting of the jackets.
House Colours
Voting on house colours compiled
from just under 200 replies
All pupils in black
All pupils in grey
Yrs 10 & 11 only in grey 22%
Yrs 10 & 11 only in black24%
Feedback regarding jumper colour
Tailored Jackets
Wishing to have jackets
Not wanting jackets
In favour of Years 10 & 11 only to have jackets 63%
In favour of all Year groups to have jackets
Feedback on tailored jackets