Year 8
On Tuesdays, after school, years 7, 8 and 9 meet to practice our
netball skills. We start with a warm up, normally running and
doing stretches. Then we practice catching, throwing and
footwork. We then split into teams and have a game of netball.
We have previously been training in the sports hall or the
outside netball courts.
A netball team is made up of seven players. We play various
positions and we don’t always play in the same positions in the
match and everyone gets to play in a match at some point.
We have been to Park School in Barnstaple and we have played
several matches against Okehampton, Shebbear College, Park,
Pilton and West Buckland. In that league year we came in
second place.
Shortly we will be starting our second league. Mrs Craig
believes that second is not good enough - you have to come first
and we are aiming to achieve this term. The year 7 and 9 league is starting as well. The secret of its
success, I believe, is friendship, teamwork and fun! – come and be part of it. Also a big thank you to Mrs
Craig and Mrs Frickleton for organising the netball. And a big thank you to Mr Avery for organising the
transport to the matches
Alice Mills 8JVA
GTS Pupils
North Devon
Schools at the
Devon Cross
A very windy
day at Exeter
Cross Country
Mrs Craig’s Corner
Year 8 netballers played
last week and did fantastic.
Both our A and B teams
played, it was the B team’s
first outing and they did
very well. The A team
were runners up and went
on to play the strongest
West Buckland team I have
ever seen. Our team
simply wanted to keep
going to the end, which
they did. Congratulations
to all of you.