R S Ware Butchers, Torrington are one of
the new local suppliers to the School
Canteen. Pictured here with Canteen
Manager, Lorraine Harris. Steve ware
and former student Natalie visited GTS
on the first day of offering Wares
sausages to pupils and staff for lunch.
Both Steve and Natalie served staff and
pupils their school dinner of sausage,
mash and beans. There were samples
available of the different flavours which
included Cumberland, Hot n Spicy, Pork
and Pork and Apple sausages.
It provided the perfect opportunity for
one member of staff to have his first
ever school dinner in his life!
Mr Bob Bateman, former Deputy Headteacher came
in and judged the Young Chef competition here at
GTS. The food studies group were asked to design a
dish that would encourage teenagers to incorporate
more fruit into their diet. The winning dish was
Pheasant and Woodcock Curry and a meat and fruit
curry. Both Chefs won a £10 gift voucher and the
rest of the group received a £5 gift voucher, kindly
sponsored by the Torrington Rotary Club.