MARCH 2012
Weds, 21
Non Uniform Day – organised by Y9 – in support of Sports Relief
PFA Bingo, all welcome. Doors open at 7pm with eyes down at 7.30pm
Sat, 24
Ten Tors Training – Expedition – Camp 1 – Y10 & 11 Pupils
Sun, 25
Ten Tors Training – Expedition – Camp 1 – Y10 & 11 Pupils
Tues, 27
French Exchange Students arrive from Roscoff to stay with Y7, 8 & 9 pupils
Sat, 31
French Exchange Students return to Roscoff
Monday, 2
April – Monday, 13
April 2012 (inclusive) - EASTER HOLIDAY
Easter Holiday Programme starts 2
Blood Donors’ Session in Hall - 11.00 am - 9.00 pm – Weds. 11
April 2012
APRIL 2012
Sat, 14
Ten Tors Training – Expedition – Camp 2 – Y10 & 11 Pupils
Sun, 15
Ten Tors Training – Expedition – Camp 2 – Y10 & 11 Pupils
Mon, 16
Pupils & Staff Return
Doug Allan delivered an inspiring workshop to our afterschool club members from the Film
Animation and Photography clubs. He spoke about how he started his career in photography and
shocked us when he explained he was self taught. We saw many of his amazing photographs and
he explained what makes a good picture.
In the afternoon the top 20 pupils of each year group were treated to footage of his most favourite
mammal on earth, the Polar bear. There were sounds of ‘Oooo’ and ‘Ahhhh’ from the audience,
with little giggles when the baby cubs make their first wiggly steps across the snow. He talked
about how in life you have successes and failures but we need to learn from both. He explained
how the job market changes so fast and 30 years ago his field of work didn’t exist. Doug
recommended that you follow your heart but also use your head. Do something that you enjoy
and it will lead you to a path in your life that you enjoy. He loved diving and so decided that he
would do Marine Biology so he could do more diving. This has proved to be a most useful as he
has done over 8000 hours of underwater filming and 500 + of those hours have been under ice. It
was a truly amazing and inspirational talk which demonstrated that finding something that you
enjoy doing can bring so much happiness and ultimately lead to your path in life.
It was amazing, I was
so excited.”
The Polar Bear film was
so cute”