As most of you know, selected pupils’ work is published
every month in ‘The Crier’: the Torrington area’s very
own newspaper which goes out to about 5000 homes in
Torridge. This has been happening for quite a few years
now. Only the best work is published and pupils are
very proud to see their work in print. Recently there
has been a new development. Torrington Rotary Club
has decided to also reward the good work being
produced by Great Torrington School students and
has started to give the best piece of work in each
issue of ‘The Crier’ a Rotary award in the form of a
certificate. We are really grateful to The Rotary Club
for this support and enjoy seeing pupils’ faces when
their work is selected and they are presented with
their certificate in assembly.
One of England’s best-known and loved
poets Benjamin Zephaniah sends a
message to Reuben.
In a previous edition of the GTS newsletter we
published a poem written by school poet and national
poetry competition winner Reuben Musgrave entitled
Respect’. We sent the poem to poet Benjamin
Zephaniah – one of Reuben’s inspirations – and were
thrilled (as was Reuben) when he received a reply.
Zephaniah said: “I've read Reuben's poem and I think it
is absolutely great. It deserves to be the school poem
because it is really inspirational. When I read it I began
to ask myself if I had done my best today, and how can
I be better tomorrow. That's what a great poet should
do. I just hope Reuben keeps writing. Schools are
amazing when they have teachers who inspire, but they
are extra special when they have pupils that inspire.
Peace. Benjamin.” What a great response. Well done
Reuben and keep writing.