App Building Club
Some pupils play online games and computer games, others
participate in sport or bike rides with friends. GCSE computer
science group and a few Key Stage 3 pupils have started to
build their own Android Apps using MIT’s App Inventor. “A lot
of pupils these days play games on their phones or tablets,
increasingly the business market and the way information is
circulated to their target market is done via apps. You only
have to look at the impact of the London Olympics this
summer to stay up to date with the results via the use of
apps” Mr Butler said, “but now they want to make their
own.” Hence Mr Butler’s club, which any pupil can join to
learn the basics of programming and app creation. Up until
recently the group has been investigating how app creators
come up with their ideas for their apps and they have a go at
recreating existing apps through tutorials. This week pupils
were given a brief and this allowed them to start thinking
about the concept and designing an app from scratch. They
have all risen to the challenge and we look forward to seeing
their final work in action. App club is open to anyone who
wants to come after school and learn more about building
phone apps.
APP Building Club - All Pupils - Thursdays 3.15pm - 4.15pm
with Nick Butler in J6
Pupils have been busy this term at one of our newest
afterschool clubs. Mr Davies in the Design Department
set up the Design Club where they have been designing
and building a longboard style skateboard. The club has
been successful in encouraging girls and boys to
participate and given them an insight into the science,
technology, engineering, maths, art skills and the
knowledge required to produce their skateboard.
The club does make a charge to cover all the materials
at cost price used to manufacture the deck. If you are
interested in joining this club please see Mr Davies for
more information. At the end of the course pupils are
allowed to keep their board and receive a certificate
outlining the course they have studied and hopefully
feel inspired to work on a similar science, technology,
engineering, maths or art project again. Currently
pupils are building their moulds so we look forward to
seeing their efforts on display in the near future.
Q. What design are you going to put on your board?
I am making a short board with a Jamaican
theme, I am inspired by their culture and
their attitude.
Hmmm either a water or fire design, I
haven’t decided which to do yet. I am
enjoying the design side of things.
Its going to be a longboard with skulls and
cross bones on.
I like music, so I am going to have a piano
keys design down my board.
Q. What project do you want to do next?
Surprise us Mr Davies; we want another
project like this!
Please see Mr Davies if you are interested in joining the Skateboard Club