Katie and Craig
Huxtable have both
won book token
prizes at the
Appledore Book
Festival Short Story
Great Torrington School once again welcomed three authors Tim Bowler, Ally Kennen, Chris Higgins who took part
in the Appledore Book Festival by visiting many local schools .
Mrs Ward, Library Manager at GTS “It is such a pleasure for GTS pupils to meet accomplished authors and it helps
their learning in so many ways”. We received this response from award winning author Mr Tim Bowler “I just
wanted to thank you for your kindness. I love the library at Great Torrington School – it’s such a vivid and exciting
place – and I thought the students did brilliantly. They were very responsive and a pleasure to talk to”.
We have introduced a new reading
programme at GTS called
Learning – Accelerated Reader
All of
our year 7 students are using
Accelerated Reader
to combine their
love of reading with the fun element of
answering quiz questions. Parents and
carers can register to receive details of
the quizzes taken by the students
Home Connect
For more
details, take a look at
We all know that regular reading practice
is the only way to ensure that literacy
skills improve. This can be reading from
the newspaper, enjoying a good story
book, magazines, and poetry…whatever
you like reading! Good reading skills are not only the key to good performance in academic skills. They are a vital
ingredient to prepare young people for adult life. To find out more about our daily Reading Club that helps
students every morning, please contact Ruth Ward in the school library. Happy Reading!
Great Torrington Reading Club members with the six new Kindles donated by the Parents Friends Association