Charging and Remission Policy - page 3

the school day all activities that are a necessary part of the National
Curriculum plus religious education will be provided free of charge. This
includes any materials, equipment and transport to take pupils between
school and the activity. There will not be a charge for any activity that is
an essential part of the syllabus for an approved examination unless:
a. the examination is on the set list, but the pupil was not prepared for it
at this school
b. the examination is not on the set list but we arrange for the pupil to
take it
c. a pupil fails without good reason to complete the requirements of any
public examination where the governing body or the LA originally paid
or agreed to pay the entry fee
5. Voluntary contributions may be sought for activities during the school day,
which entail additional costs, for example field trips. In reality the value of
the requested contributions equates to the total cost of the visit and
therefore if insufficient voluntary contributions are forthcoming the visit
may have to be cancelled - parents must be notified of this contingency.
Pupils whose parents/guardians do not contribute cannot be discriminated
6. The Governing Body may offer to remit the full cost of full-board and
lodging for any residential activity that:
a. takes place during school hours or;
b. is not an optional extra (see following section for definition).
7. The decision to offer to remit board and lodging costs, as above, is subject
to the parents of a pupil being in receipt of eligible benefits.
Outside of Normal School Hours/Optional Extras
. The School will
charge parents for board and lodging on residential visits as well as the full
cost when a visit is deemed to be an 'optional extra'. For example it:
a. falls wholly or mainly outside school hours, i.e. a skiing holiday during
the school holidays is an optional extra.
b. does not form part of the National Curriculum or the statutory
requirements for religious education;
c. is not part of a syllabus towards a Prescribed Public Examination
9. The parents' agreement to meet the costs of an optional extra visit before
that visit is planned in detail must always be obtained in writing. The
stated cost of an optional extra visit must not include an element of
subsidy for pupils whose families do not meet the full charge.
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