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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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this contract not be renewed, alternative provision will be made to measure
using anequivalent mapping system.
Children for whom an exceptional social, medical or educational reason to
attend Great Torrington
is demonstrated (with satisfactory supporting
evidence froma relevant professional).
Fair Access
A policy operated by Devon County Council to assist children unable to access
an appropriate school place through standard admission arrangements once a
YearGrouphas begun.
Measurement will be based on Devon LA‟s Geographical Information System.
This is an electronic mapping system that
makes measurements using
computer software and can be viewed a
TheSchool will not accept more than one address as the child‟s home address.
The terms of a residency ordermay clarify thehome address.
Where necessary to determine which address to recognise and in the absence
of a residency order, the School will consider the home address to be with the
parent with primary day to day care and control of the child. In reaching this
decision, evidence will be requested to show the address to which any Child
Benefit is paid and from which the child is registered with a medical GP. Any
other evidence provided by parents will also be considered by the School in
reaching a decision on the homeaddress for admissions purposes.
This may be necessary for instance where parents do not agree on the child‟s
home address. Parents are urged to reach agreement or seek aSpecific Issues
Order from a court to decide which parent should or should not pursue an
application.Where theydo not, theSchool will determine thehome address.
Linked Primary
A Linked Primary School is one that works with Great Torrington School to
develop curriculum links and to ease the
transition of
pupils moving
from the
primary to secondary phase of their education. We give admissions priority for
children attending our linked schools. You should note that attending a linked
primary school
guarantee aplace.
Our linked schools are:
BucklandBrewer PrimarySchool
DoltonCof EPrimarySchool
Great TorringtonBluecoat Infant School
Shebbear PrimarySchool
TheClintonCof EPrimarySchool
Member of staff This will be any salaried person employed by the Great Torrington School and
not at another school. Evidence of this will be provided using the School
Supplementary InformationForm.
A parent is any person who has parental responsibility or care of the child.
When we say parent, we also mean carer or guardian. Where admission
arrangements refer toparents this canmeanoneparent or both.
This is the minimum number of places available at the school. In limited
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
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