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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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Home-School Agreement
Admission to any school is not conditional on signing a home-school agreement. However, we will
offer a home-school agreement to all parents after their
children have been admitted as we
consider an agreement to be a positiveway of promoting greater involvement in a child's education
between parents and the school.
Children attending Great Torrington School
are expected to wear a uniform. Some of the items
required can be purchased from us and the rest from many
retail outlets. Parents unable to
purchase items of uniform or equipment will not be penalised
and assistance can be sought in
cases of need.
Once a place has been offered to a child, evidence of the child‟s identity may be requested – a
birth certificate is normally sufficient. Thismay not be necessarywhere the child has beenon roll at
another school inEngland that
can confirm that proof of identity has been seen at that school.
The school may also request evidence that a child‟s address is genuine or that the person who
made anapplication for admissionwas legally permitted to do so.
School FeesandCharges
There is no charge for applying for a place here, for admission or for the provision of education.
Wewill not request donations before or during the admissions process and any donationsmade to
the school following admission are entirely voluntary. No activities such as school visits are
compulsory. A policy on charging for activities is available on request from the school and can be
viewed on our website.
Objections to thisPolicy
Advice is available from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator for information on how to object to
the terms of this or any other admissions policy or procedure. Formal objections to admission
arrangementsmust bemade by the
will be those of the local authority admission arrangements unless detailed in this
formerly inCare
These childrenwere looked after until theywere adopted (see theAdoption and
ChildrenAct 2002 section 46) ormade the subject of a residence order (see the
Children Act 1989 section 8) or a special guardianship order (Children Act
section 14A).
Please note that under the Adoption and Children Act, adoptions
must have been after 31December 2005 for thispurpose.
Children in
These children are looked after by or provided with accommodation in the
exercise of its functions (see the Children Act 1989 section 22(1)) by Devon
Local Authority or any other local authoritywhich has informedDevon of itswish
to place a child.
The geographical area served by the School. It is sometimes called the
„catchment‟ area. You should note that living within the designated area
guarantee a place. TheSchool‟s designated area comprises the designated
areas of the ten primary schools within the Great Torrington Learning
Community. Details of thedesignatedarea can be foundat
At the time of determination, we purchase additional admissions support from
Devon Schools Admissions Service, including distance measurement. Should
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