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Parents can request a place in a different year group if, for example, a child is particularly gifted or
talented or has missed a significant period of education through ill health. We will consider each
request on its own merits. There is a statutory right of appeal if this is refused unless we offer a
place in the child‟s normal agegroup.
If your application for admission is unsuccessful, you have a statutory right of appeal to anAppeals
Panel that
is independent of the school. ThePanel will review the decision andwill decidewhether
the refusal was justified on the grounds that the school was full. Even if the Appeals Panel agrees
that the school was full, it will also consider the effect
on the child and family andmay still award a
place at the school.
If you have not been sent appeal papers with the decision letter refusing your application for
admission, you can request a form from the School Admissions Team. You then have no more
than 20 school days to return the papers, together with any supporting evidence you wish to
include. You donot have towait for this period of time
(20 days)
before submission.
TheClerk to the Independent Appeals Panel will give you at least 10 days‟ notice of the datewhen
your appeal will be heard. Youwill alsobe toldwhen you should submit any further information you
would like to be considered. You will receive evidence on behalf of the school before the appeal
After an
appeal has been heard, a
decision letter will be sent within five school days; however,
will be able to findout theoutcome by telephonebefore then.
During the normal roundof admissions toYear 7anappeal will beheardwithin40 school days
of the deadline for lodging appeals. For the
intake, this is
27March 2015
. Where the
applicationwas not made in time for a decision to bemade on
2March 2015
, an appeal will be
heard within that 40 day period or, if that is not possible, within 30 days of the appeal being
For in-year admissions in any academic year,
an appeal
must be heard within 30 school days of
the appeal being lodged. For in-year admissions in any academic year,
an appeal
must be heard
within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.
For further information on the appeals process, parents can contact the school office or the Clerk
to theAppealsPanel.
All parents should consider how their child will get to school for the whole of their time on roll.
Parents are advised not to rely on lifts, car sharing
or public service vehicles always being
available. Supported transport will be provided for those children attending this school if it is either
the designated school for the home address or the closest school that
was available when the
parent could apply. The home addressmust be further than awalking distance of threemiles from
the school. There is additional provision for families on low incomes.
Where a parent could have applied on time but didn‟t do so, there will be no entitlement to
assistance from the LAwith education transport to the alternative school as suitable arrangements
would have been made by the LA to enable parents to become a registered pupil at a closer
All parents are encouraged to consider their child using sustainable travel wherever possible. The
school‟s Travel Plan sets out further local information and is available from the school office and
Further information on extended schooling beyond the normal school day is available from the
school and our website.
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