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j) For children of UK service personnel and other Crown Servants the School will consider a
family posted to the area as meeting residence criteria for the designated area even if a
residential address has not been identified. Thiswould require confirmation in the form of a
letter from the relevant government department (for example, the Ministry of Defence, the
ForeignandCommonwealthOfficeorGovernment CommunicationsHeadquarters.)
k) Evidence of exceptional medical or social need will be demonstrated according to the
Protocol below.
Following allocation of Year 7 places the LA will retain a waiting list until the end of the first full
week of the autumn term
as per the secondary co-ordinated admissions scheme. Following
that theSchool will retain thewaiting list in partnershipwith theSchool Admissions Team. Waiting
listswill be kept in order of the oversubscription criteria above. Places on listswill not be prioritised
according to how long a child‟s name has been on that list. It is possible that a child‟s name could
godown on a list aswell as up.
During the summer of
, therewill be a second allocation of places on
6April 2015
. After that,
places in the secondary transfer intake will be offered to new applicants and to the waiting list as
vacancies arise.
LateApplications for admissionat thenormal round toYear 7
Any late application will be considered in line withDevon LA‟s secondary co-ordinated admissions
scheme. Applications submitted after the closing date will be considered after applications
submitted by the closing date unless there are sufficient reasons for the late application. Examples
that may be accepted include where the parent or guardian has been in hospital and unable to
apply in time. Evidence in support of the circumstanceswill be required.
Admissions at other times – InYear Admissions
You can make a request for admission after the normal round of admissions – after
31 August
– using theDevonCommonApplication Form: theD-CAF.When
a childmoves into the area
and you as the parent have a single preference for a place here; your child is not the subject of a
Statement of Special Educational Need
has not been Permanently Excluded from a school; there
is no parental dispute regarding admissions andwhere there is a confirmed vacancy in the relevant
year group, wemay ask you to complete aD-CAF6 instead of a D-CAF. This allows for your child
to start at Great Torrington School
as soon as possible. A formal offer letter will then follow from
the School Admissions Team. All In-Year admissions to the School will be made in line with
Devon‟s In-Year Co-ordinatedAdmissionsScheme
Copies of the D-CAF and also our Supplementary Information Form are available at
or by calling 0845155 1019.
If you are seeking an in-year place because your child has just moved to the area and does not
already have a school place, admission would be as soon as possible. If your child already has a
school place locally, admissionwill normally be at the beginning of a termor half-term.
Fair AccessProtocol
All LAs are legally required to operate a Fair Access Protocol across their area – all schools and
academies are required to co-operate with that protocol. This ensures that children who are
vulnerable or
unable to access an appropriate school place under the standard admission
arrangements for thearea have an admissions safety net.
For secondary schools in Devon, a child meeting the criteria of the Fair Access Protocol will be
admitted to the secondary school designated for his or her address, even where it has reached its
PAN or other agreed admission limit up to 3% over that limit. This does not provide additional
spaces for childrenwho already have a local school place.
AdmissionsOutside aChild’sNormal AgeGroup
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,...18
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