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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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admission will be offered a school place by the LA – either at a school they have named or at an
Informationprovided in an application
It is important that
all applications are completed
fully and
honestly. This is becausewhenwe offer
a place
to some and refuse others we do so in a fair and consistent manner. When
we have
reason to believe that information is not accurate
and has been provided knowingly we may
withdraw the offer of a place. This is particularly relevant when
an address that
is given is not the
one from which a child will actually attend school as
this may
another child. If
necessary, wewill ask for evidence of a child‟s home address before admission.
If you know or believe that your child‟s address will change before admission, youmust inform the
LA or theSchool as thismay affect your application.
PublishedAdmissionNumber - PAN
This is the number of places we intend tomake available for our normal intake. Once we set this
number, wewill not refuse admission for applications below the PAN. If there is unexpectedly high
demand and we believe we could admit more children, we inform Devon LA and either some
childrenwill be admittedabove thePANor wewill increase thePAN.
TheYear 7PAN for
theentire academic year
For other Year Groups, the agreed admission limit will be the PAN that
was determined for that
cohort as it entered theSchool inYear 7unless varied in response to a change in circumstances at
theSchool. For further information, please contact theSchool or theSchool AdmissionsTeam.
if therearemore applications thanplacesat thenormal roundof admissions toYear 7
Any child whose Statement of Special Educational Needs names Great Torrington School will be
Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available inYear 7 (thePAN) the
Trust will use the following oversubscription criteria toprioritiseapplications:
1. Children in Care or who were in Care but ceased to be in Care because they were
after 31 December 2005 or
made the subject of a residence order or a
special guardianshiporder.
2. Children forwhomanexceptionalmedical or social need isdemonstrated.
3. Children who live in the school’s designated area, with a sibling on roll at
4. Other children who live in the school’s designated area, attending a linked primary
5. Other childrenwho live in theschool’sdesignated area.
6. Children of members of staff employed for more than two years by the school or
recruited within the past two years to fill a vacancy for which there was a skills
7. Children who live outside the school’s designated area, with a sibling on roll at
8. Childrenwho liveoutside thedesignated area, attendinga linkedprimaryschool.
9. Other children.
if therearemore applications thanplaces for in-year admissions toYear 7, 8, 9, 10or 11
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...18
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