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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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No placeswill be held in reserve for a childwho applies late; theTrust cannot hold places empty if
another child applies for admission. We will share information with the LA and will publicise the
need toapply but the responsibility formaking anapplicationwill bewith you as the parent.
VisitingGreat TorringtonSchool
Wewelcome visits fromparents and childrenwho are considering applying for aplace here. This is
an opportunity for you to see what we have to offer. Visits are not a compulsory part of the
admissions process andwill not affect decisions onwhether a place can be offered at our school. If
youwould like to visit theSchool, you should contact us tomake an appointment.Wehold an open
evening for prospective newYear 7 children in the autumn termwhen they are inYear 6. If you are
considering an in-year application, you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment to
visit at any time.
HowToApplyFor APlaceAt TheNormal Round –Year 7
Diagrams at the endof this document show theapplication process.
The normal round of admissions is when children can join our school for the first time. So that all
parents who wish to apply for a place in Year 7 can do so each LA across the country is required
by law to co-ordinate applications for the schools and academies in its area. This means parents
will receive
offer of a school place at the same time as other parents. For us, Devon is the LA
that co-ordinates applications that
have been made either direct to Devon or passed on by other
Every parent who wishes to apply or “express a preference” for a Year 7 place must use a
CommonApplicationForm from the home LAwhere the child lives. For Devon residents, this is the
D-CAF3, which is available at
or within the Next Step
secondary admissions booklet. You can request a copy of this by calling
My Devon
. A reference
copy will be available here from
1 September 2014
If your child lives in another LA you must
apply by contacting that LAeven though you are requesting aplace here.
The national closing date for applications for secondary transfer is:
31 October.
You can apply
after this date but your applicationmay not be considered until a decision has beenmade on
all of
the applications that were made
on time. If you could not
apply before 31 October
because, for
instance, you moved to this area after that date, you should make sure that you inform the LA. If
the reason for applying after the closing date is accepted, your applicationwill be considered at the
same timeas everyonewho did apply on time if thiswere still possible.
If you know that you are going tomove into the area during your child's Year 6, you can apply from
where you are and provide evidence of your
new address. You do not need to wait until you have
actuallymoved if this is after the offer of places on
What happensnext?
If there are fewer applications than places then no application will be refused. Only if there are
more applications than there are places available will the Trust prioritise applications according to
the oversubscription criteriabelow.Wemay delegate this process to the LA or other agent but they
will use our oversubscription criteria andwewill remain responsible for the decision.
Youwill be able tomake a preference for one, two or three schools. If you do namemore thanone
school, it is important that you name them in the order that
you would like a place. The LA co-
ordinates admissions for all secondary schools. A parent could be in a position to be offered a
place at more than one school. If that happens, a place will only be offered at the school that
parent placed first
on the Common Application Form. The home LA will write (or email if the
applicationwas online) on
to advisewhich school place has been allocated.
Shortly afterwards, we will also contact successful parents to welcome them to the school and to
make arrangements for their child's
admission. Every parent who makes an application for
1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,...18
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