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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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Great Torrington School is a member of the Great Torrington School Academy Trust. As an
academy, the Trust is the admission authority and has responsibility for setting these admission
arrangements and formaking decisions regarding admissions applications.
This policy details the admission arrangements for our school and should be read in conjunction
with the Primary and In-Year Co-ordinated Admissions Schemes and other agreed policies of
Devon County Council, the Local Authority (LA). All policies and procedures seek to comply with
the requirements of the School Admissions Code 2012, the School Admissions Appeals Code
2012 and other relevant legislation.
Some admissions functions will be delivered by the School Admissions Team of Devon County
Council or other agent under a traded serviceagreement.
PublishedAdmissionNumber (PAN) for Year 7 in
We believe that the DCCSchool Admissions Teamwill enable us tomaintain and also improve
the inductionof pupils intoGreat TorringtonSchool
For other Year Groups, the agreed admission limit will be the PAN that was determined for that
cohort as it entered the school inYear 7 unless varied in response to a change in circumstances.
For further information, please contact the school or theSchool AdmissionsTeamof Devon LA.
Supplementary Information
Yes, available from the school or LA.
To be completed only where a parent is seeking admissions
priority for the child of amember of staff.
Home-School Agreement
School uniform
Extended school facilities
Please visit our website for details of the facilities available at the
beginning and end of the school day:
School Travel Plan
Please visit our website for details:
Admissions to theSchool
Most of the children attending Great Torrington School join at secondary transfer, the beginning of
Year 7. This iswhat is called the “normal point of entry” to a secondary school.
Other children join us “in-year” at other times, once a year group has already started. Thismay be
because they are new to the area and need a school place or simply would like to transfer from
another school.
Theneed to apply
All parents must make an application for their child to be admitted to a state-funded school or
academy. To apply for a place here you should use a Common Application Form provided by a
local authority. Places are not allocated to a childautomatically, evenwhere:
there is an older sibling attending here;
a child attends aparticular linked school;
a parent has expressedan interest at any time in the school; or
the child has always lived close to the school.
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