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Great TorringtonSchool AdmissionsPolicy
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Supplementary InformationForm 2015-16
To be completed by the parent onlywhere he or she is seeking admissions priority on the
grounds that the child is a childof amember of staff at theSchool.
Please read the admissions policy before completing this form.
Where there are more applications than there are places at the normal round of admissions into
Year 7, the Trust will prioritise applications where evidence can be provided that criterion 6 has
beenmet. If youwish your child tobe consideredunder this criterion please complete this form and
return it to theSchool by the closing date of
or as soonas possible thereafter.
You must also complete a Local Authority Common Application Form
(for Devon residents
Where there are more applications than there are places for in-year applications, the Trust will
prioritiseapplicationswhere evidence can beprovided that criterion 5 has beenmet.
If you wish your child to be considered under this criterion please complete this form and return it
to theSchool as soonas possible.
Youshouldalsocomplete aDevonCommonApplicationForm
(D-CAF or D-CAF6)
Full Name of child:
Date of birth:
Criterion 6 for normal round or Criterion 5 for in-year admissions:
Pleasename themember of staff employed by theSchool:
Relation to child:
The information collected on this form will be processed and may be stored electronically by the School in
compliancewith theDataProtectionAct. The datamay be sharedwithDevonCountyCouncil or other agent
of the School, but only for administrative or other service provision purposes and with Government
Departments where there is a legal requirement to do so. In accordance with the School Admissions Code,
should information given be found to be fraudulent then the offer of a school place can be withdrawn. If you
would like further information about Data Protection, please contact the School. By signing or submitting this
form. You acknowledge that youhave read, understood and agreed to this data processing.
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