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Great Torrington School Admissions Policy 2014-15
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involvement by parents in their child’s education
20. Uniform Policy
Children attending our school are expected to wear a uniform. Some of the
items required can be purchased from the school and the rest from sepcified
retail outlets. While Devon County Council does not offer financial assistance
with uniform and school equipment expenses, parents can contact the
Education Welfare Service in cases of extreme hardship. Parents unable to
purchase items of uniform or equipment will not be penalised. We operate a
scheme to assist families in need.
21. School Fees and Charges
There is no charge for applying for a place at this school, for admission or for
the provision of education. We will not request donations before or during the
admissions process and any donations made to the school following admission
are entirely voluntary. No activities such as school visits are compulsory. A
policy on charging for activities is available on request from the school and can
be viewed on our website.
22. Objections to this Policy
For information on how to object to the terms of this or any other admissions
policy or procedure, advice is available at
should be made by 30 June.
23. Contacts and Further Information
The Headteacher or Admissions Administrator
Great Torrington School
Calvesford Road
Great Torrington
EX38 7DJ
School Admissions Team
Telephone contact through
My Devon
on 0845 155 1019
Devon County Council policies
Available at
School Appeals
Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel, County Hall, Exeter, EX2 4QG
Telephone contact through
My Devon
on 0845 155 1019
Education Welfare Service
Telephone contact through
My Devon
on 0845 155 1019
The Department for Education (DfE)
Telephone 0870 000 2288
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