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Great Torrington School Admissions Policy 2014-15
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Devon In-Year Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme 2014-15. This will apply
to admissions made to Year 7 after the point at which the Secondary Co-
ordinated Admissions Scheme ceases (after 31st August 2014) and
admissions made to other year groups at any time (Years 8 to 11).
2. Applications for in-year admission can be made by completing Devon’s In-
Year Common Application Form the D-CAF, copies of which are available
at the school or by calling My Devon on 0845 155 1019.
15. Admission Appeals
If a place is refused parents have a statutory right of appeal to the Independent
Appeal panel. Information about the admission appeal process is available
from the Devon School Admissions Team on
0845 155 1019
. Further
information is available from our Admissions Officer.
16. Transport
1. Parents should consider how their child will get to school for the whole of
their time on roll. Parents are advised not to rely on lifts, car shares or
public service vehicles always being available. Supported transport will be
provided for those children attending this school if it is either the
designated school for the home address or the closest school that was
available when the parent could apply so long as the walking distance is
further than three miles. There is additional provision for families on low
2. Where a parent could have applied on time but did not do so, there will be
no entitlement to assistance from the LA with education transport to the
alternative school as suitable arrangements had been made by the LA to
enable parents to become a registered pupil at a closer school. All
parents are encouraged to use sustainable travel wherever possible. The
school’s Travel Plan sets out further local information and is available from
the school office and website.
17. Flexi-schooling
Parents may request that their child be part educated at home. Requests will
be considered on an individual basis and will be determined by the
Headteacher. There will be consideration of the benefits and disadvantages
expected for the child as well as the effect on the school with regard, for
example, to organisation and discipline. Flexi-schooling in Devon is covered by
DCC guidance.
18. Extended Schooling
Great Torrington School does not currently offer extended schooling beyond
the normal school day.
19. Home-School Agreement
Admission to school is not conditional on signing a home-school agreement.
However, we will offer this to all parents after children have been admitted as
we consider an agreement to be a positive way of promoting greater
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