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Great Torrington School Admissions Policy 2014-15
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9. Definitions
will be those of the local authority admission arrangements unless
detailed in this policy.
This will be a full, adopted, half or step brother or sister and will
include a full, adopted, half or step brother or sister living at a
different address. Foster children will count as a brother or sister to
those living within the foster household or where appropriate, the
natural parental home address.
The School will not accept more than one address as the child’s
home address. The terms of a residency order may clarify the home
Where necessary to determine which address to recognise and in
the absence of a residency order, the School will consider the home
address to be with the parent with primary day to day care and
control of the child. In reaching this decision, evidence will be
requested to show the address to which any Child Benefit is paid
and from which the child is registered with a medical GP. Any other
evidence provided by parents will also be considered by the School
in reaching a decision on the home address for admissions
This may be necessary for instance where parents do not agree on
the child’s home address. Parents are urged to reach agreement or
seek a Specific Issues Order from a court to decide which parent
should or should not pursue an application. Where they do not, the
School will determine the home address.
Children in
These children are looked after by or provided with accommodation
in the exercise of its functions (see the Children Act 1989 section
22(1)) by Devon Local Authority or any other local authority which
has informed Devon of its wish to place a child.
formerly in
These children were looked after until they were adopted (see the
Adoption and Children Act 2002 section 46) or made the subject of a
residence order (see the Children Act 1989 section 8) or a special
guardianship order (Children Act section 14A).
The geographical area served by the School. It is sometimes called
the ‘catchment’ area. You should note that attending a linked
primary school does not guarantee a place.
A school that works with the School to develop curriculum links and
to ease transition for pupils from primary school to secondary
school. You should note that attending a linked primary school does
not guarantee a place.
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