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Great Torrington School Admissions Policy 2014-15
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In Devon this is the D-CAF3, available at
or within the Next Step secondary
admissions booklet – copies of which are available by calling
My Devon
A reference copy will be available at the school from 2 September 2013.
Even if a place is requested at GTS, residents of neighbouring LAs –
Plymouth, Torbay, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset - must apply by
contacting their own LA.
3. All applications must be made by the LA closing date:
31 October 2013
4. What happens next?
1. If there are fewer applications than places then no application will be
refused. Only if there are more applications than there are places
available will the Academy Trust prioritise applications according to the
oversubscription criteria below.
2. The LA co-ordinates admissions for all secondary schools. A parent could
be in a position to be offered a place at more than one school. If that
happens, a place will only be offered at the school that the parent
preferred the most on the Common Application Form. The home LA will
write (or email if the application was online) on
3 March 2014
to advise
which school place has been allocated.
3. Shortly afterwards, we will also contact successful parents to welcome
them to the school and to make arrangements for their child’s admission.
Every parent who makes an application for admission will be offered a
school place by the LA – either at a school they have named or at an
5. PAN
1. The normal round intake to the School is for Year 7.
2. The determined Planned Admission Number (PAN) for new admissions to
Year 7 in 2014/15 is
3. For other Year Groups, the agreed admission limit will be the PAN that
was determined for that cohort as it entered the School in Year 7 unless
varied in response to a change in circumstances at the School. For
further information, please contact the School or the School Admissions
6. If there are more applications than places at the normal round of
1. Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available
in Year 7 (the PAN) the Academy Trust will use the following
oversubscription criteria to determine those applicants who could be
offered a place.
1,2 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
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