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Great Torrington School Admissions Policy 2014-15
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Great Torrington School
Admission Arrangements for 2014/15
For Great Torrington School, the Academy Trust is the Admission Authority.
School Mission Statement – Dream Believe Achieve
1. The need to apply
1. All parents must make an application for their child to be admitted to a
state-funded school or Academy, using a Common Application Form from
our Local Authority (LA) Devon County Council (DCC). Places are not
allocated to a child automatically, even where:
a. there is an older sibling attending GTS;
b. a child attends a particular linked school;
c. a parent has expressed an interest at any time in the school; or
d. the child has always lived close to the school.
2. Places will not be held in reserve for late applicants; the Academy Trust
will fill empty places in the order of application by eligible children.
3. We will share information with the LA and will publicise the need to apply
but the responsibility for making an application will be with the parent.
2. Visiting our school
We welcome visits from parents and children considering applying for a place
here. This is an opportunity for parents to see what we have to offer. Visits are
not a compulsory part of the admissions process and will not affect decisions
on whether a place can be offered at our school. If you would like to visit, you
should contact the school to make an appointment. We hold an open evening
for prospective new Year 7 children in the autumn term when they are in Year 6
at Junior School.
3. How To Apply For A Place At The Normal Round – Year 7
1. The normal round of admissions is when children can join our school for
the first time. So that all parents who wish to apply for a place in Year 7
can do so each LA co-ordinates applications for the schools in its area.
This means parents will receive
offer of a school place at the same
time as other parents. For our school, Devon County Council is the LA
that co-ordinates applications that have been made either direct to DCC or
passed on by other LAs.
2. Every parent who wishes to express a preference for a Year 7 place must
use a Common Application Form from the home LA where the child lives.
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