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Drama Studio
Book Flats
Lighting Rig - This is the structure which
lanterns (lights) and other items are
suspended from. In our Drama studio it is
split into 9 squares. You can also see the 5
pin plug sockets for the lanterns. These are
all numbered so that you know which light is
plugged intowhat channel in the patch bay.
Lantern - Lights are referred to as lanterns.
There are many different types. The main
ones you will find in our drama studio are
Fresnels, Par Cans, Profile spotlights and
Moving lights.
Projector - This is used to project images
onto the screen. This could be video footage,
still photos or presentations.
Book Flats - These are used to provide
performers with a backstage area and
provide a backdrop for the set. They are large
canvases which can be painted or projected
onto. They are called book flats because they
look like open books.
Stage Blocks - These are used to create
raised areas on the stage. There are two
different heights, 25 cm and 50 cm. They are
1metre square and can be built up in blocks.
These can be used to create ‘levels’ in
performance to show the character’s status.
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