Guided Choices 2016 - Year 9 - page 32

WHAT is the subject about?
Component 1 - Religious Belief and Practice – An in-depth
study of two religions.
Component 2 - Thematic Studies
Religion and Life
Religion, Peace and Conflict
Religion, Crime and Punishment
Religion, Human Rights and Social Justice
WHY should I choose this subject?
Opportunity to examine a range of interesting and
controversial issues. If you have strong opinions this is
the subject for you!
WHEN and HOW am I assessed?
Two exams, both at the end of Year 11.
WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?
You need to be literate and be willing to justify your own
views. An interest in moral issues and a mature empathy
with different situations is essential.
WHERE could this subject take me in the future?
A/AS Level Religious Studies, Philosophy & Ethics, Degree
Level courses. The knowledge, understanding and skills
learned at GCSE are useful in a huge range of careers and
help you make sense of the adult world.
WHO do I need to speak to for more information?
Ms Sparrow.
GCSE R.E. (FBI - Faith, Beliefs & Ideas)
Pupil quotes:
“It has given me an
insight into other
cultures and religions”
Caitlyn - Yr11
“You get to think about
your own ideas. It has
broadened my views on
the world”
Joe - Yr11
“Many things in the
world really concern me
and FBI brings a lot of
these to our attention
that we otherwise would
not think about”
Anna - Yr11
“It has improved my
confidence—I feel
comfortable in this
Megan - Yr11
Dream, Believe, Achieve
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