Guided Choices 2016 - Year 9 - page 30

WHAT is the subject about?
If you’re interested in the digital media industry,
developing a wide range of skills across a variety of
units using industry standard software, including the
Adobe suite, then you should definitely consider
Creative iMedia as one of your possible options.
WHY should I choose this subject?
We cover a wide range of digital media skills and
knowledge. Future employers look for staff to have
formal digital media qualifications with up to date
WHEN and HOW am I assessed?
3 big controlled assessments: digital graphics, multi
page websites, digital websites. Plus, an end of
course exam.
WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?
ICT and Arts.
WHERE could this subject take me in the future?
You could pick from an even wider range of creative
digital media subjects at college or university.
WHO do I need to speak to for more information?
Mr Whiteman
OCR Creative iMedia
Pupil quotes:
The iMedia course is great
because it contains a wide
range of computer media
based challenges. You go
from something as simple
as visualisations to making
your own graphics! A great
course with something for
Daniel - Yr10
“It’s good as it introduces
you to working in digital
media industry.”
Billy - Yr10
“The course is easy to un-
derstand and contains a
variety of computer based
design skills.”
Megan - Yr10
“I have really enjoyed
learning Photoshop and
creating professional look-
ing graphics..
Matt—Year 10
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