Guided Choices 2016 - Year 9 - page 20

WHAT is the subject about?
GCSE Statistics has a focus on handling data and probability. You will
acquire skills in and gain an understanding of statistical concepts and
WHY should I choose this subject?
Statistics will complement your GCSE Mathematics. It will develop your
enquiring mind and logical thinking skills, as well as gaining an appreciation
for statistical analysis evident in everyday life.
WHAT subjects should I have an aptitude in?
You must have an enquiring mind and enjoy working with numbers.
WHERE could this take me in the future?
Statistics is studied as part of the A Level Mathematics course. Studying
GCSE Statistics will also provide a firm foundation for a multitude of other
A level subjects which require analysing data.
WHO do I need to speak to for more information?
Mrs Sargeant
Mini Option - GCSE Statistics
Dream, Believe, Achieve
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