Guided Choices 2016 - Year 8 - page 33

WHAT is the subject about?
Using your creativity to design and make projects to
solve real world problems.
WHY should I choose this subject?
It is practical, creative and it builds on all your Design
and Technology skills built up over the past year.
Resistant Materials draws on skills from all of your other
WHEN and HOW am I assessed?
You are assessed in year 11 through coursework (50%)
and an exam (50%).
WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?
You do not need a particular aptitude; you will enjoy
coming up with ideas, developing them, testing and
making products in the workshop.
WHERE could this subject take me in the future?
Resistant Materials could lead on to an A Level product
design course, A Level Engineering, Level 3 BTEC
qualifications or an apprenticeship.
WHO do I need to speak to for more information?
Mr Davies or Mr Farmer
GCSE Resistant Materials
Pupil quotes:
“It is hard work but I
really enjoy having the
freedom to design what
I want”
“I like being in control of
my project, working on
my own ideas and
being allowed to
Dream, Believe, Achieve
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