Guided Choices 2016 - Year 8 - page 27

Dream, Believe, Achieve
WHAT is the subject about?
Geography is driven by contemporary issues - it looks at
things that affect people and places all over the world.
Pupils investigate the reasons behind issues, research
how people are affected and consider future responses
and solutions.
WHY should I choose this subject?
The quality of teaching and resources, the support and
advice throughout and the tiered Foundation or Higher
exams to suit all abilities. There are two fieldtrips;
1. Plymouth - looking at urban redevelopment
2. Westward Ho! and Northam Burrows - looking at
coastal processes and flood defence management.
WHEN and HOW am I assessed?
Three final exams taken in Year 11.
WHICH subjects should I have an aptitude in?
You must have a real interest in things happening around
the world and have good literacy skills. You will need to
revise effectively and remember specific knowledge for
three exams.
WHERE could this subject take me in the future?
Geography links directly to Level 3 courses at college.
Geography is also an extremely popular degree subject.
The knowledge, understanding and skills learned at GCSE
are useful in a huge range of careers and help you make
sense of the adult world.
WHO do I need to speak to for more information?
Mr Marston or Mrs Moores
GCSE Geography
Pupil quotes:
“I enjoy finding out about
different parts of the
Mark - Yr10
“It never gets boring”
Jack - Yr10
“The decision-making
exam gives you useful
skills for future jobs”
Caitlyn - Yr11
“I’d rather learn about the
World’s future and the
changes ahead”
Vicky - Yr10
“I like different cultures
and places and
geography is linked to
Charlie - Yr10
“I love Geography—you
get to see the World from
a whole new perspective”
Seth - Yr10
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