Guided Choices 2016 - Year 8 - page 13

From September 2015, all pupils will study English Language and English Literature.
We will be following the AQA syllabus for both these courses. The course the pupils
achieve most highly in - either Language OR Literature - will be double weighted,
meaning that it will count twice in the pupils’ progress measures. Both courses are
100% examination.
GCSE English Language
Paper 1: Explorations in creative reading and writing
Paper 2: Writer’s viewpoints and perspectives
Spoken Language
In preparation for Paper 1, pupils engage with, and analyse, a range of literature texts to
consider how writers use narrative and descriptive techniques. They also write their own
creative texts inspired by their study of literature. For Paper 2, pupils study non-fiction
texts and develop insights into the ways writers express viewpoints and perspectives on
themes and issues that are important to the way we live our lives. They also write their
own texts in which they give their own perspectives on relevant themes and issues.
In addition, the pupils are also regularly assessed in their use of spoken language in a
range of contexts. Every pupil will have to give a formal presentation and question and
answer session as part of the course. This is a separate endorsement and does not
count towards their final GCSE Language grade.
English Literature
Shakespeare and the 19
-Century novel
Modern texts and poetry
Pupils will study one Shakespeare play and one 19
-Century novel. In the exam they
will be required to write about an extract from the play/novel and then to write about the
play/novel as a whole. Pupils will also study one modern drama text and a range of
poetry from an anthology produced by the exam board. In the exam, the pupils will also
have to answer a question on an unseen poem.
Core curriculum - New GCSE English
Language and English Literature
Dream, Believe, Achieve
Dream, Believe, Achieve
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