GTS Curriculum & Assessment 2015 - 2020 - page 4

Outstanding assessment starts in the classroom, with quality first teaching which utilises ‘Assessment
for Learning’ techniques. At Great Torrington School, team leaders will track the performance of pupils
within their subject area or House and ensure that all staff are held accountable for the progress of
pupils and implement quality interventions if required.
At GTS, we will utilise the following strategies to raise pupil achievement in the classroom:
Assessment for Learning
GTS Marking and Feedback Protocols / Dedicated Independent Reflection Time
Personalised Learning Checklists
GTS Mastery Matrix, with clear rubrics
Growth Mindset
Middle leaders will use the following strategies to raise pupil achievement:
Pupil progress grids
Raising Achievement Walls
Targeted intervention
At Great Torrington School we want:
To report meaningful information about pupil progress to parents.
An assessment system that is reliant on grades, created by reference to meaningful and
moderated work.
Pupils to have ownership of their target grades and use these to drive their own achievement
and attainment.
goals inform individuals as to what type or level of performance is to be attained so that they can
direct and evaluate their actions and efforts accordingly.”
Hattie, Visible Learning p164
Year 11 – will need to re-visit their targets and make changes if needed
Year 10 – will be guided in setting their own targets
Year 9 – will set targets for English, Maths & triple Science
Years 7 & 8 – will be guided in setting their own targets on the GTS rubric
1,2,3 5,6,7
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