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Our aim at Great Torrington School is to ensure that we have a curriculum that will fully prepare our
pupils for the new GCSEs from 2017 and for the world of work when they move on from education.
Over the next five years, each year group will experience slight variations to their curriculum provision,
so that we can best prepare our pupils for the changes in education and assessment that they will
experience. These changes have been driven by changes made by the DFE, with the intention to improve
the education of young people in England.
Below is a summary of the changes and our responses to them.
DFE Change
GTS response
New GCSEs from September 2015 (Maths and English
Language & English Literature initially)
Introduction of Year 9 carousels for foundation
subjects. These have allowed deep learning to take
place and pupils to gain an insight into GCSE style
Introduction of problem solving skills in Mathematics.
The introduction of the GTS Learner’s Baccalaureate
in September 2013, which focuses on the skills
required to be a successful learner.
Reduction in the number of options in guided
choices, to facilitate more time to study the new
GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature
and GCSE Mathematics.
All staff have received training on Carol Dweck’s
‘growth mindset’ and Prof. Andrew Curran’s lecture
on the ‘Teenage Brain.’
Changes to the secondary school performance
measures from January 2017 (2016 summer results)
with a focus on English Baccalaureate subjects
(Sciences, Computer Science, Modern Foreign
Languages, Humanities, Maths and English Language)
Changes to guided choices to ensure all pupils can
study the English Baccalaureate.
Reduced the number of option subjects, following
DFE guidelines, to ensure pupils have quality
GCSEs/vocational qualifications with good grades and
not a large quantity of mediocre grades.
Team Leaders use progress grids to identify any pupil
that is not making sufficient progress and can put in
place suitable interventions.
Raising Achievement Walls in place for each year
Monitoring of pupils performance across a suite of
8 subjects, including English and Mathematics, rather
than 5.
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