Enrichment & Intervention Programme 2016-17 - page 51

Enrichment & Intervention 2016-17
Dream Believe Achieve
Activity offered
Surf Club
Mr Bloodworth, Mr Avery
Content – what does the
activity involve?
Learning to surf with qualified instructor. Developing
board skills, water confidence and how to stay safe
in the water.
Transport will be provided, however, pupils will be
asked to contribute towards the costs which will be
in the region of £150. This activity will return to
school about 6.00pm.
Learning outcome
Competent on a surf board.
Skills outcome
Being able to surf and aware of safety in the water.
Course length
12 weeks (Summer term only)
KS3 / KS4
All - max 40
Opportunity available in other ND schools
British Surfing Association Surf Award Scheme
Community, volunteering, citizenship
Business links
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