Enrichment & Intervention Programme 2016-17 - page 22

Enrichment & Intervention 2016-17
Dream Believe Achieve
Activity offered
Crime Scene Investigation
Miss Beer
Content – what does the
activity involve?
This project is based on crime scene investigation.
You will use forensic science to solve a murder by
collecting evidence and carrying out analysis in
order to produce a forensic report.
Learning outcome
Carry out investigations to collect evidence
from a crime scene
Analyse evidence from a crime scene
Produce a forensic report as part of the
criminal justice system
Skills outcome
To use scientific evidence that has been collected
and analysed from a crime scene to help solve a
murder at GTS.
Course length
12 weeks
KS3 / KS4
All - max 24
Opportunity available in other ND schools
CREST—Bronze Award
Community, volunteering, citizenship
Business links
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