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Dear Parents and Pupils
Welcome to our Enrichment and Intervention curriculum programme. On
Thursday afternoons, we offer all of our pupils opportunities that will enrich
their education by building relationships through community involvement
and volunteering and achieving success in areas other than curriculum
Each project has been linked to one of our school values: opportunity,
health, resilience, responsibility, respect, relationships and many of the
activities offered are not available in any other North Devon school. The
majority are certificated or competition based which will enhance future
CVs and college/job applications. The variety of offers should provide
something for everyone whatever their interest.
Fundamentally, we want our pupils to become independent, resourceful
and responsible citizens of the future with broad experiences that enhance
their GCSE achievements to give them the widest opportunity for future
careers and life-long learning.
Yours sincerely,
Jacqui Whiteman
Deputy Headteacher
Dream Believe Achieve
Enrichment & Intervention 2016-17
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