Enrichment & Intervention Programme 2016-17 - page 11

Enrichment & Intervention 2016-17
Dream Believe Achieve
Activity offered
Build a plane
Mr Farmer
Content – what does the
activity involve?
What could be better than building your own plane
to fly? Working as part of a team across all the year
groups, you will get hands on assembling sections of
the GTS 2 seat light aircraft. This is a hands on
challenge working in the GTS hanger, riveting,
bolting, measuring, checking and working closely
with our Light Aviation Engineer to sign off the
sections you build ready for flight.
Learning outcome
A greater appreciation for real world engineering
Working as part of a larger team.
Quality Control/Assurance—working to specification
Practical knowledge of how a plane works and flight.
Skills outcome
Crest Bronze Award.
Advanced practical workshop skills in metal work.
Develop accomplished, independent and reflective
Course length
12 weeks
KS3 / KS4
All - max 20
Opportunity available in other ND schools
Award/Certificated -
CREST—Bronze Award
Community, volunteering, citizenship
Business links
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