Performing Arts - Music


In KS3 Music students follow a course based on the National Curriculum guidelines. The objectives for their musical development should include:

  • Controlling sounds

  • Creating and developing musical ideas

  • Responding and reviewing own and others' work

  • Listening and applying knowledge and understanding

In KS4 Music students are required to keep a portfolio of their composition work which includes recordings, scores and evaluations. They are also expected to keep a lesson to lesson log of their progress which is to be checked on a regular basis by the teacher. Students are required to produce one composition for a Special Event, one for the Integrated Assignment set by AQA, one Solo and Ensemble Performance and also sit a Listening paper.

Peripatetic Lessons

GTS offers musical tuition to pupils wishing to learn to play an instrument or to sing. The following is a list of options currently available:

  • Vocal Tuition - Ms Slater-Lyons

  • Guitar - Mr Wyke

  • Percussion / Drums - Mr Blofeld

  • Piano - Ms Hopkins

GTS Christmas Concert 2013